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Join one of our ebike tours and explore
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Join one of our ebike tours and explore
secret places in Cyclades, Peloponnese - Greece!

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EBIKE Excursions & Tours

Join our organized E-BIKE Trips throughout Athens – Greece, alongside the coast to the temple of Poseidon or to any other individual destination!

360° Athens City Tour

Rent your e-bike in Athens Greece!

For sure words are not enough to describe all what you will see during this amazing electric bicycle tour through the center of Athens. But it should give you a good idea about the amount of things that you will be able to see by making a guided E-Bike tour through Athens.

Duration: 4.5 hr
Distance: 17.5 km
Price: 55,- Euro
Category: EASY


Athens Short Cut

Rent your electric bike in Athens Greece!

This is a fast ebike trip passing by the main sights of Athens and will give you an impressive idea about the beauty and richness of Athens and it’s history!

Duration: 3 hr
Distance: 8 km
Price: 40,- Euro
Category: EASY


Athens Sun Down

E-bike Tours in Athens Greece!

This is the perfect EBIKE Tour for the Active Modern Romantic City travelers!
E-BIKE Athens SunDown will take you to places where you can enjoy the beauty of Athens in a different way.

Duration: 3 hr
Distance: 8 km
Price: 45,- Euro
Category: EASY (romantic)


Temple of Poseidon

Bicycle tours in Athens Greece!

Join our amazing E-Bike trip along the coastline of south Attica with amazing villages and beaches along the route.
The tour is guided by one of our experienced cycle-guides plus our support bus with refreshments and tools for support on board.

Duration: 7 hr
Distance: 60 km
Price: 90,- Euro
Category: MEDIUM



The EBIKE Development and Design Centre near Frankfurt airport is as clean as a whistle and packed full of high-tech equipment.

It combines the precision of Formula 1 teams with the spirit of optimism at a dotcom firm. Engineers, designers, electronic engineers and production specialists from Germany, the USA, Italy, Austria and Switzerland work at the EBIKE Development and Design Centre under the direction of the company's founders, Helge von Fugler and Wolfgang Momberger.

Much the same as in the automotive industry, the developers here utilise premium components from the "EBIKE Advanced Technologies" modular system to achieve the very highest quality standards at reasonable prices.

Taking a look at the EBIKE models, it quickly becomes apparent that a great deal of expertise from the automotive and IT industries, as well as the aesthetic sensibility of lifestyle brands, have flowed into the product development.

This is borne out, for example, by the following elements:
• A monocoque frame and design which integrate the ultra-efficient, lithium-ion batteries and make them practically invisible.
• A brand hallmark (and patented) design.
• High-tech motors from BOSCH providing (depending on the selected mode) up to 275% additional power assistance for the rider's own muscle power.
• Lithium-ion batteries with a high energy density allowing for a range of up to 190 km.
• Premium components from leading suppliers such as BOSCH, Shimano, NuVinci and Brooks.